What We Use

KONIG Touch-Up Materials

KONIG Touch-Up & Repair

KONIG allows for quick and easy repairs and touch-ups on all finished wood and plastic laminate product. With such a noninvasive process you can quickly achieve high quality repairs without the need to refinish or un install the item.

What is KONIG?

KONIG North America is a company that provides repair and touch up materials. The materials themselves have an extremely wide range, here is some of what they offer:

  1. Soft Wax for repairing nail holes and open miters.
  2. Hard Wax for repairing damage such as scratches, gouges, etc.
  3. Extra Hard Wax for repairing damage in high-traffic areas, such as a floor.
  4. Various Repair Lacquers that will perfectly match your products sheen.
  5. Pens, Paints & Dyes for various detailing in your product.

On top of offering more, KONIG North America also offers specially designed kits, such as the "Picobello Kit" which has many common colors and everything you would need to handle simple touch-ups within your own home!

If you would like to order materials or learn more, please contact us! 


How long will this repair/touch-up last?

If the product is successfully repaired  the repair will likely last as long as the product itself. Though, keep in mind that this is a repair, so care should be taken to protect it. 

Is the process noisy or smelly?

It depends on the job, but a typical touch-up is not loud. Most repairs will need a small amount of lacquer sprayed on it. We do use a high VOC material in an aeresol can. The materials dry very fast, not alot is being used, so the smell though strong at first dissapates quickly. We are happy to schedule things around your peek times of business. 

Can KONIG be used on Painted products?

Konig products work great on painted products. 

Konig sells a wide variety of paint colors in touch up bottles, paint pens, and aerosol cans. 

All paints once dry can be reactivated by using nitros cellulose thinner. 

touch up colors you have created. Used for ongoing clients can be saved indefinitely. 

How does Konig and Woodright save me money?

A simple chip can hold a project up months waiting for replacements to arrive. Once they do you run the risk they do not match in color.

replacing an installed item can mean massive risk of damage to surrounding installations. Not to mention the massive cost of replacement. 

A simple $35 door once noticed begins collecting cost at the first phone call. Customer calls to report door. Person on the phone costs money. The workers and project managers discussing what to do about this door. Cost you money. Once a decision is made. You replace the door. Cost of new door, cost of someone to un install old door and install new one. 

Customer service calls to check if customer is happy cost you money. 

(Customer says new door does not match. Lets start all over)

Lets imagine you called us to fix this one door and it cost our minimum charge of $190.00.

$190 is far better than a customer upset about a $35 door holding her kitchen project up. She holds final payment until door problem is completed. And $1500 in man hours figuring out what to do over a $35 door.