Welcome to Woodright Repair Services

Welcome to Woodright Repair Services

Welcome to Woodright Repair ServicesWelcome to Woodright Repair ServicesWelcome to Woodright Repair Services

About Us


Repair Instead of Replace or Refinish

Woodright Repair Services is a small company that gives big savings.

A father-son duo that comes to your construction site, home or commercial property to perform touch up repairs to your finished wood and plastic laminate products. 

We like to tell everyone to call us first before they ever think of refinishing or replacing a damaged item such as doors, cabinets, furniture, trim work, window frames and decor items. 

We specialize in the repair of scratches, dents, breaks, gouges and smashes on installed finished wood and plastic laminate products. 

We are also Technical Reps/Trainiers for Konig North America. We cover Washington, Oregon and Hawaii. 


We're Magicians

Many customers just do not realize that even a bad defect may be able to be repaired. 

The photo shows a hole in a custom closet door. 1 of a 5 door matching set. You replace 1 you replace 5. This customer lived with the hole in this hollow door for 20 years. Thinking a major refinish type repair would be needed. In about 40 minutes I had it looking wonderful. 


Cost Factor

Our Construction company customers save the greatest amount of money with our service. 

We get flown all over the country. To places as far as Lanai, Hawaii. To help out at punch list time.

A recent job at the Symphony Honolulu there was one refrigerator end panel. 

Scheduled to be replaced. To replace this end panel, you would disrupt the counter top, crown molding, plumbing and back splash. 

It took me 3 minutes to repair. To replace the end panel alone would have cost more than our entire invoice. We repaired several hundred thousand dollars worth of product. For under $2500. Including travel expenses. 

The photos shows the repaired closet door. 

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Mobile Service - We come to you!

Woodright travels anywhere you would like to fly us. 

For furniture, home decor items, sculptures and figurines feel free to contact me to bring them to my shop. 

Woodright Repair Services

9501 S Alaska St., Tacoma, WA 98444, us

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed